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Chicago area art supply stores include Starvin' Artist. Starvin' Artist offers easels in plastic, wood, or metal. Price points vary from very cheap wooden easels to museum quality hand finished hard wood masterpieces. Institutional purchase orders are accepted (pending confirmation) and generally will include free shipping based on purchase agreement. Please consider Starvin' Artist if your requirement is 1 or 1000 easels. Chicago area artists need easels. Easels may be used for watercolor, oil, or acrylic. The typical request in our search engine is cheap wood easel, and we satisfy easily. Another frequent request is a french easel.

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Mabef Italian Easels

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cheap display easel

Print rack
Absolutely the cheapest French easel

Cheap French Easel
Starvin Artist Chicago sells children's easel

young artist easel

bristol aluminium sketching easel
A Best easel

A Best easel

oil and watercolor folding easel

studio easel with tray

ravenna box easel


lugan double masted
Mabef table top easel from Starvin' Artist.

sketchbox table easel

giant folding easel

all media 48 piece easel artist set