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DOUBLE ACTION AIRBRUSH Refers to the method action required to control spray pattern. Pressing down on the button activates the amount of air flow and pulling back determines the amount of fluid released. This allows the user to change the width of line, color, and the opaqueness of color with one hand. Double Action models take more practice to use but are better for free hand detail work.

SINGLE ACTION AIRBRUSH Unlike the double action where air and fluid controls are combined, these same controls are independent of each other with the single action airbrush. While one hand is releasing a pre-set amount of air by pressing down on the button, the other hand adjusts a separate control for color feed. Single action models are quick to learn and easy to use. They tend to be best for spraying solid coats, uniform lines or dots and stencil work. They clog less easily than the double action internal mix models and can spray slightly heavier paints.

INTERNAL MIX Method in which air and paint are mixed inside the airbrush producing a fine spray.

EXTERNAL MIX Method in which air and paint are mixed outside the airbrush producing a larger spray.

GRAVITY FEED Gravity Feed models include all airbrushes that have material containers on top of the airbrush body.

SIPHON BOTTOM FEED Siphon Feed models have material containers with connections at the bottom of the airbrush body.

SIPHON SIDE FEED Siphon Side Feed models have material containers with connections at the left and right sides of the airbrush body.

Photo Name SKU More Info
Paasche VL set VL 1,3,5  
paasche vl set VL 1,3,5  
d 500 D 500  
paasche h set H set  
H carded F carded  
d 100  
da 300