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black ink:

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Photo Name SKU More Info
ogura lace natural  
unryu white 10 g  
unryu taupe TU 2005  
unryu cream TU 2006  
unryu green mist TU 2007  
unryu sienna TU 2026  
unryu forest green TU 2030  
unryu burgendy TU 2037  
unryu chiri TU 2060  
unryu red TU 2075  
soft metallics gold momi TSM 2155  
metallic gold TM 2170  
metallic silver TM 2171  
sumi black beige rust on white TS 2315  
ribbons and leaves gold and cream TS 2340  
ribbons and leaves gold and green TS 2344  
marbled momi tsunami TMP 2486  
marbled moni earthquake TMP 2487  
marbled momi firestorm TMP 2488  
marbled mesa TMP 2489  
Marbled - forest TMP 2492  
marbled volcano TMP 2497  
marbled tidal wave TMP 2498  
white pulp horizontal wavy lines TF 2503  
white pulp horizontal swirls TF 2505  
mango olive TN 2720  
mango brick TN 2722  
Mango - rust TN 2723  
Mango -mustard TN 2728  
Mango - natural green TN 2731  
clouds blue white fibers TN 2758  
papyrus light EP 3003  
papryus dark EDP 3103  
pebbles soft metallic silver I 3817  
Banana - natural TN 2735  
Italian - venetian IT 2977  
sun washed fern gold brown N 4216